Lenovo – Lenovo 4XC0G88840 Thinkserver Raid 520i Piece Adapter (Deal Alert)

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The Lenovo 4XC0G88840 Thinkserver Raid 520i Piece Adapter is a powerful, reliable storage solution for businesses who need to store and access large amounts of data. This adapter offers eight internal ports, allowing up to 256 SAS/SATA hard drives or SSDs (Solid State Drives). It also supports RAID levels 0-60 and provides an impressive maximum transfer speed of 12GBps. Additionally, the single controller reduces hardware requirements and costs, while the redundant hot spare capabilities keep your system running even in the event of a drive failure.

• Supports up to 256 SAS/SATA HDDs or SSDs
• Reduces hardware cost with single controller design
• Offers redundancy with hot spare capabilities
• Provides fast transfer speeds with 12 GBps maximum throughput rate

• Single controller may not be enough for larger configurations
• May require additional cooling units depending on configuration size

Overall, the Lenovo Thinkserver Raid 520i Piece Adapter can make a great addition to any business’s storage needs. With its support for up to 256 drives as well as its robust data protection features such as redundant hot spares, it can provide reliability and performance that any business will appreciate. Thus we recommend this product for purchase by potential buyers looking for an efficient storage solution .
At the time of this posting, this product is currently available at an all-time low price at this link

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