The Best Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Automatic CO Detectors (Fall 2022)

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Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector, AC Plug-In with Battery Backup, CO Alarm with Replacement Alert

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First Alert Powered Alarm SCO5CN Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, Battery Operated, 1 Pack, White

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FIRST ALERT Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detector with Battery Backup, 3-Pack, CO605

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First Alert CO615 Dual-Power Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detector with Battery Backup and Digital Display, White

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Kidde Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector, Battery Powered, Combination Smoke & CO Alarm, Voice Alert

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Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detector, AC-Plug-In with Battery Backup, Digital Display

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Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector, Battery Powered with LED Lights, CO Alarm

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FIRST ALERT BRK SC9120FF Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector with Battery Backup, 1 pack , White

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Kidde Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display

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First Alert CO400 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector, Battery Operated Alarm, 1-Pack

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If you are looking for a CO detector that can meet your requirements, then what better way than to inform yourself about comparison products? This way, you will have an easier time choosing the offer that suits you best. To choose the best carbon monoxide detector, we looked at a number of elements: features, type of power supply, practicality, etc.

With the arrival of winter, carbon monoxide is making a comeback and this is regrettable. It is a toxic, invisible, and odorless gas emitted by heaters that are subject to neglect or lack of maintenance. This gas is accused of being the source of many poisoning accidents in France. Fortunately, automatic Co alarms exist with great fanfare on the market, with the common goal of saving lives. If choosing the best CO detector is not easy, it is certainly because of the multiplicity of models present in supermarkets. A buying guide gives you useful tips, so you can make a perfect choice.

Buying Guide

If you place an individual in a room with a high concentration of carbon monoxide, the latter risks serious poisoning. In France, this kind of problem is legion. This is why it is important for every household to equip itself with a CO detector. As the name suggests, this device allows you to detect the accumulation of CO in your environment before any exposure to serious consequences.

It is impossible to detect carbon monoxide with the naked eye, let alone smell it. However, the dangers of this gas are not unknown; It is responsible for many deaths in France. Simply put, carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal and can occur at several points in our lives. From the moment you find yourself near a combustible appliance, whether it’s a fireplace, wood stove or boiler, the risk can be high. This is why a daaco (autonomous carbon monoxide detector) will be of great use.

The problem is that there is a wide variety of models online. This countless number of smoke detectors can complicate your purchase. To be sure you have chosen a quality product, do not hesitate to select one of the products from our list. If not, you can always follow the advice we deliver above.

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The criteria to take into account when choosing a CO detector are numerous. For a successful purchase, you need to pay close attention to the elements such as: power supply, screen, material, installation mode, etc.

Type of smoke detectors

There are several types of smoke detectors. These include detectors that work alone, interconnectable detectors and detectors that can be connected with an alarm.

Detectors that work alone ring in the room where they are in case they detect a high concentration of carbon monoxide. In case of absence, the resident can be warned thanks to his smartphone. It is the same with the Honeywell CO detector. This model is suitable for two-story houses or in large areas.

Interconnectable detectors, on the other hand, are connected with other detectors. If one detector rings in a room, the others also start ringing. Like detectors alone, they are perfect for two-story homes or large areas. As for detectable smoke detectors with an alarm, they are aptly named, since they connect with an alarm system. In the event of smoke, the system turns on, in the same way as when it detects an intrusion.

Wired or wireless detector

Power is one of the main things to consider when choosing a smoke detector. This parameter is all the more essential as it makes it possible to determine the level of practicality of a carbon monoxide detector. Some detectors plug into the mains and require some proximity to an electrical outlet. However, in recent years, wired detectors have tended to disappear in favor of wireless devices. These are more convenient and exempt you from pulling, here and there, power supply cables.

However, a wireless CO detector is much more convenient than a wired model. Just like theX-Sense CO Detector, all the alarms in this comparison are wireless. It is also worth mentioning that wireless models are less power hungry than wired models. Once installed, you will not have to maneuver unless the battery life is reached.

Be aware that the batteries in a smoke detector may or may not be replaceable. The point goes back to smoke detectors with replaceable batteries. In case of low autonomy, the device automatically notifies you that it is time to replace them.

Display screen

The display of a carbon monoxide detector is useful for effectively monitoring the operating status of the device. An available screen allows you to display all the useful information so that the use is as simple as possible. The display screen can thus be offered in LED or LCD as is the case for theOnliving smoke detector. It is known for LED screens are clearer than LCD screens. But, this detector is equipped with a backlit LCD screen that makes it quite readable.

Ideally, it is advisable to choose a device that will allow you to see the CO concentration in real time. This gas has neither smell nor color, so it is essential to have constant information of this gas in real time.

Warranty and certification

Some CO detection devices have a CE marking and other NF which is the most recommended marking. The CE mark is a self-declaration by the manufacturer who simply states that his product complies with the European standard EN 14 604. This mark of conformity must be checked in the factory by an independent approved laboratory, which ensures the control and samples at the end of manufacture. This marking is not very often unlike the NF stamp. A priori, the CE label is reassuring, but know that it does not protect you from possible damage.

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In terms of options, you will find CO detectors that come in various references and at different prices. We note that the performances are similar, it is a question of additional function, useful or not depending on the housing and lifestyles. Some devices incorporate temporary mute. This feature is also called “silent mode”, useful to disable the detector for a short time. Typically, after 10 minutes, the device resets automatically. At this level, the choice remains quite subjective. It all depends on your lifestyle. But for our expert critics, this is simply a marketing argument, since this option will not prevent the detector from reacting once it is in a smoky universe.

There are also carbon monoxide detectors with interconnection. These can be connected to others, allowing them to whistle at the same time in case of danger. This option is perfect for large multi-sleeping level accommodations.

You will also find smoke detectors with a pause or “Hush” function. It allows the device to be paused for a period of about 10 minutes in case of smoke caused accidentally (grilled meat cooking, smoking fireplace or water vapor. The device returns to service once the pause ends. Some devices have a pilot light function such as theAOUZEA carbon monoxide detector.

Battery life

Smoke detectors can sport a lithium battery or an alkaline battery like theSmartwaresmodel with a lifespan of 1 year. It should be noted that for this type of battery, the duration is very often minimal, between 1 to 5 years. It is always possible to change the battery when the device begins to report a loss of autonomy. Also note that some batteries have the ability to last up to 10 years, but be aware that they do not change in most cases. Once discharged, it is necessary to buy a new detector and not a battery. So, in the long run, you will find that an alkaline battery detector is less expensive than a lithium battery detector.

Sound level

In general, the sound signal of a smoke detector is 85 decibels, although there are models offering a higher or lower sound level. To get an idea of what sound level to choose for a smoke alarm, you need to find out what the regulations say. Very often, the sound level is advised depending on the risk of hearing deterioration. A stridence level below 75 dB will have no risk of hearing deterioration.

The noise exposure limit of 85 decibels is set at 8 hours per day. By respecting this limit, you will be protected from possible hearing loss. However, if you use theHeiman CO detector, make sure you do not spend more than 8 hours a day in noise.

Where to install a carbon monoxide alarm?

You just bought your carbon monoxide detector. Now it is important to know where to install it. As mentioned above, this appliance is installed in a room where there is a risky appliance, whether it is a wood-burning fireplace, an auxiliary heater, an oil stove or a water heater. It is essential to note that appliances that malfunction or are poorly maintained are more willing to produce carbon monoxide. However, despite regular maintenance or good working order, you will not be exempt from installing a DACCO.

For the installation bracket, it is recommended to install a CO detector on the wall rather than on the ceiling. Indeed, carbon monoxide has the same density as air, which allows it to mix with the ambient air without being noticed. It is therefore concentrated in the area where the air is most stirred, which means in the center of the room. It is therefore at the level of the manhole that a carbon monoxide alarm must be installed, between 1.5 and 1.7 meters. It is also recommended to install the detector, preferably A or 3 meters from the heater. If the detector is too close, it will certainly cause untimely trips. If the room does not have enough space, install the device a little higher. Still, the device must be away from sources of ventilation.

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How does a carbon monoxide detector work?

The principle of operation of a carbon monoxide detector is quite simple. It is thanks to the principle of electrochemistry that the device works. To play its role perfectly, it must detect the presence of CO in the air. A chemical solution integrated into the detector reacts in contact with carbon monoxide. The majority of carbon monoxide detectors operate using electrochemical cell detection. These cells are able to vary an electric current during a CO oxidation reaction at the electrodes. If the concentration threshold exceeds, the device triggers a shrill audible alarm.

The best place to install a carbon monoxide detector

Ideally, a carbon monoxide detector is installed in a room where a heater is installed. The device must also be fixed at a maximum of 1 or 3 meters from the device. It is advisable not to install the device on the ceiling unlike a smoke detector. The CO detector must be placed on the wall, since the concentration of carbon monoxide is in the center of the room, where the air is mixed. A precaution to take is also to install your detector away from ventilation devices.

Carbon monoxide detector or smoke detector?

The DAAF (stand-alone smoke detector) is a device known to prevent fires. Since 2015, this solution has been mandatory. The DAAF is able to analyze the air to detect the presence of traces of smoke. Crossed by a light ray, the integrated electrical sensor alerts, thanks to a shrill alarm, to warn of a possible danger. If the DAAF must be installed on the ceiling, this is not the case for the DACCO which must be installed on the wall. If the smoke detector incorporates an electrical sensor, the CO detector has an electrochemical cell that reacts and triggers the audible alert that the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air is high or exceeds the indicated limit.


Co detectors are of great importance for housing, as are smoke detectors. The latter are very numerous on the market, which is why it is very difficult to choose the best. However, we hope that reading this post has made it easy for you and that you have been able to choose the best carbon monoxide detector. This comparison mentioned the 7 best products on the market.

In addition, we have proposed a guide where we deliver the right advice to choose the ideal device that will best suit your needs. Opt for one of the models from the list above, if you don’t have time to choose explore all our tips. The X-Sense Detector, which is our favorite product, can be useful to you; This is a complete choice that has not had any negative reviews from our testers. In addition, you can opt for the SmartWare model, which offers advanced features in combination with ergonomic use. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly product, do not hesitate to choose the Heiman CO Detector.

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