The Best Ground Coffees: Luxury Coffee with Intense Aromas (Fall 2022)

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Increasingly popular nowadays by coffee lovers, ground coffee results from the grinding of coffee beans. Although some people prefer to grind their coffee themselves, it is generally made industrially and made available to consumers in several packages to facilitate its preparation: in ready-to-use packets, capsules or pods. However, regardless of the form, ground coffee requires a coffee machine (filter coffee maker, espresso, etc.) for its preparation and the flavor will depend on the type of coffee used and the manufacturing process.

It is with this in mind that we have prepared for you a selection of the best ground coffees on the market.

Buying Guide

Available in several types of packaging offering varied flavors and aromas, ground coffee is increasingly appreciated by coffee lovers. This is how you will find them in boxes (metal or plastic), bags or even bags. However, although choosing a specific brand of ground coffee and its packaging is essentially a matter of consumer sensitivity and taste, we are going to give you some interesting tips to consider.

How to choose a ground coffee?

Available in several types of packaging offering varied flavors and aromas, ground coffee is increasingly appreciated by coffee lovers. This is how you will find them in boxes (metal or plastic), bags or even bags. However, although choosing a specific brand of ground coffee and its packaging is essentially a matter of consumer sensitivity and taste, we are going to give you some interesting tips to consider.

In addition to the type of ground coffee you plan to buy (Arabica, Robusta, or a mixture of both), the fineness of the grind also matters. This is why it is recommended to choose the type of grind according to your type of coffee maker (piston, filter, Italian, espresso), as well as the supported preparation methods as we know that each mode corresponds to a particular grind. But beyond packaging considerations, choosing the best ground coffee should be based on:

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The place of culture

Indeed, it is common knowledge that coffee grown in the plains has a more frank and full-bodied flavor than that grown at altitude whose flavor is more generous, richer and more complex. This can be seen withEthiquable Organic and Fair Trade Colombia Ground Coffee 250 gwhich is grown at high altitude.

The type of coffee

There are two types of coffee with distinct aromas and preparation methods. So, if you prefer light cooking and rich in aromas, opt for Arabica coffee. On the other hand, if you like bitterness and full-bodied flavors loaded with caffeine, robusta in this case is more than indicated as whatMa Tradition ground coffee offers.


Designed to highlight the taste properties of both types of coffee, they allow you to enjoy the richness of the aromas of Arabica while recovering the full-bodied power of robusta.


Produced from the milling of roasted coffee beans, ground coffee that usually comes in brown-colored powder form is the basic ingredient in many hot coffee-based beverages. It is usually vacuum-packed in aluminum packaging (box, bag, etc.) likeExcelsior Mocha ground coffeeand can come from anywhere in the world. Each packet of ground coffee is packaged in the most complete way possible in order to be tasted in conditions and according to a well-defined method of preparation.

The kind of coffee

Although there is a very wide diversity of coffee in the world, the two most cultivated species remain robusta and arabica, both native to Africa. Although they have different flavors and aromas and methods of preparation, these two types of coffee are the basic element in the production of ground coffee.


Grown on mineral-rich land, Arabica coffee, which takes its name from the Arabian Peninsula, is distinguished by its finesse, more developed aromas and low caffeine content. This is for example the case ofCarte Noire ground coffeewhich has a pronounced and fine taste. On the other hand, robusta coffee, which takes its name from its robustness to diseases, insects and extreme climatic conditions, has a less developed aroma, compensated by a more full-bodied and bitter taste than arabica. Containing twice as much caffeine, robusta coffee is less popular with coffee producers because of its earthy and astringent flavor.

Coffee preparation technologies

Whether robusta or arabica, there are several modes of preparation depending on the grinding of the coffee and the technology of the coffee maker used.

The filter

Filter preparation is one of the oldest coffee preparation processes that involves placing coffee grinding on a paper or washable cone. Hot water is then poured over the grind to release coffee in a container placed underneath while the filter retains the coffee grounds. Note that although nowadays there are coffee machines still operating on this principle, it is recommended in order to obtain the best results to wet the ground coffee in advance to speed up the process.

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The traditional coffee maker

As the simplest method of brewing coffee, the traditional coffee maker involves pouring water over coarsely ground coffee. This method of brewing coffee has since been replaced by more technologically advanced processes.

The piston coffee maker

Invented in 1933, the piston coffee maker is very effective in extracting flavors and preserving the arts of ground coffee. The process consists of roughly placing ground coffee at the bottom of the scalded jar and then adding hot water on top. Then we turn the mixture and let it infuse for three to five minutes. Finally, the plunger can be lowered to separate the coffee brew from the grounds. Although slightly less convenient than the filter, this method is still widely used today for the preparation of ground coffee.

Espresso and cappuccino

Invented in Italy, espresso and cappuccino are two of the most popular ways of brewing coffee in the world. The principle is based on the infusion in espresso machines of hot water at high pressure through finely ground and compacted coffee. The resulting beverage is collected by a cup and can be consumed immediately. However, due to the high pressure required when extracting the flavor from coffee, a good espresso is expensive and requires a high-performance machine. Note that the cappuccino is nothing but espresso on which rests hot and aerated milk foam thanks to a particular process.

Instant or soluble coffee

Marketed since 1938 with the launch of Nescafé, instant coffee has a certain ease and speed of preparation without requiring dishes. Instant coffee is made from coffee beans from which water is extracted by heating, spraying or cryonics, thus making it possible to obtain a powder of soluble granules. Note that the flavor of instant coffee is difficult to alter and keeps longer.

The percolator

Widely used in the American wild west, the principle of the percolator consists of heating coarsely ground coffee and water that then passes into the upper part of the device.

The mocha coffee maker

Still called Neapolitan, the mocha coffee maker that comes to us once again from Italy combines the characteristics of the espresso machine and the percolator. So when the mocha coffee maker boils, water rises from the lower part to the upper part to fall on finely ground coffee. The advantage of Neapolitan is that it can produce good espresso in less than a minute.

Flavoured coffee

Increasingly in demand, flavored coffee is a coffee that has added additives such as chocolate or cinnamon. Although some purists refuse to spoil the flavor of their coffee by adding flavors, the flavored coffee market is booming.

Les conseils de la préparation du café

Bien que de nos jours, il existe des cafetières capables de préparer du café de façon tout à fait sécurisée, cela exige tout de même plusieurs prérequis dont il faut tenir compte. Ainsi, en général lors de la préparation du café, il faut éviter de l’eau minérale car elle a tendance à modifier le goût du café. Dans le cas où vous utilisez une cafetière à filtre, il est fortement recommandé comme nous l’avons vu plus haut d’humidifier votre café dans le filtre d’eau froide avant d’allumer votre machine. En outre, s’il vous a amené à changer le filtre de votre machine, toujours privilégier les filtres dits « non blanchis » car, les filtres « blanch » le sont souvent à l’aide de produits chimiques. Ce qui peut avoir des répercussions sur la qualité du café obtenu et pis encore, sur votre santé.

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Quels sont les meilleurs cafés moulus ?

Bien qu’il existe une multitude de cafés moulu sur le marché, le choix du meilleur café moulu dépend essentiellement des préférences et des goûts du consommateur. Ainsi, nous avons sur le marché du café moulu finement ou de façon grossière, du café avec des arômes additifs qui donnent une ou des arômes supplémentaires. Cependant, en fonction des certains critères de qualité liés à la production et la culture, certains cafés jouissent d’une meilleure réputation auprès des consommateurs. Ainsi, certains préféreront le café arabica à cause de son goût légèrement fruité tandis que d’autres préservent le robusta à cause de sa saveur virile et son arôme corsé.

Quel café a le meilleur goût ?

In general, Arabica coffee has better aromas than robusta coffee, which is full-bodied and richer in caffeine. But again, it all depends on the personal appreciation and tastes of the consumer. Thus, if you like the sweetness and the scent of fruits, Arabica coffee will make you happy but on the other hand, if you like coffees of character, go for robusta. However, if you despite the type of coffee you tend to develop allergies and insomnia related to coffee, there is decaffeinated coffee on the market specially designed for people with poor caffeine resistance.

What is organic ground coffee?

Organic coffee is a blend of pure Arabica beans from organic farming. This type of coffee is usually grown at high altitudes in Latin American countries such as Colombia or Paraguay and offers fruity and floral flavors. Organic ground coffee is recommended for demanding people with a perfectly developed palate but above all, for people who care about the environment. However, although in organic farming fertilizers and pesticides are not formally prohibited, they are made from natural materials such as minerals, plants, organic matter, etc. Note that organic farming uses 30% less pesticides than conventional agriculture.


At the end of our review of the best ground coffee, we can safely say that beyond the characteristics related to type, brand and packaging, some ground coffees have won the hearts of consumers. This is the case, for example, of illy ground coffee, which by characteristics such as strong taste, packaging, etc. seems to be the most popular ground coffee for consumers. Next door, the ground coffee GrandMèreis far from poor with a pronounced and authentic taste, very popular with coffee lovers. Also ranked among the best ground coffees in the world because of its intense aromas and strong taste, Carte Noire ground coffee is also one of the favorite coffees of ground coffee lovers.

Thus, as we can see, beyond considerations related to packaging, the choice of the best ground coffee is intimately linked to its aromas, its flavor rather than the personal preferences of each one in terms of coffee.

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