The Best Pastry Robots: Centrifuge, Fresh Pasta Making, Blender (Fall 2022)

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As much in cooking as in pastry, it is there to give a boost: the pastry robot. The multiplicity of the offer means that finding the best pastry robot can quickly become confusing. This comparison is therefore what you need to choose a product perfectly adapted to your demanding needs. We selected them based on important criteria such as strength, material, type of product, design, dimensions… The pastry robot is a multifunctional device, which has a structure made of a bowl, which is installed on a base. It serves as a device facilitating the preparation of your dishes and delicacies. It is the star guest of all cuisines, both classic and modern. There are tons of them on the market. We offer a dedicated guide, so that everyone can find the right shoe for them.

Buying Guide

If you like to make cakes and knead bread dough, the best is to ask for a device that will make it easy for you. In this wake, the pastry robot will be a better ally. In recent years, this device has been on the rise and has been a dazzling success with many consumers. The use of a pastry processor is a practical device that will simplify your life in the kitchen. As long as you never have a food processor in your hands, you would never realize all the benefits it provides.

In addition to saving time that it offers to its users, it allows you to make your pastries without making any effort. You know very well that kneading a dough requires muscle. This is also the case when you want to make whipped cream by hand or egg whites in snow. With a pastry processor, no more chores. Some of these devices are multifunctional, and can even serve as choppers as is the case for the Kitchen Move food processor.

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You should know that choosing a food processor is not a simple thing because of the multiplicity of choices available commercially. Indeed, manufacturers are constantly reinventing themselves to offer new models. The products range from the simplest to the most sophisticated. There are therefore a number of criteria to take into account if you want to get there without committing odds. Here is a guide that explains everything!


Among the criteria to consider when you want to choose a pastry robot are power, design, type of device, comfort of use, capacity, etc.

Dimensions and weight

Pastry robots are not equal. Commercially available models are not the same size. While some have a compact design, others are quite large and suitable for large families or professional use. You will understand, it is according to your needs that you need such a device. If your kitchen doesn’t have a large size, a small food processor will do. In this case, opt for theKenwood kMix KMX750BK model. Conversely, opt for a large model. When it comes to weight, a food processor can easily vanish during use. It is very often advisable to invest in heavy models. Anyway, it is possible to choose a model with non-slip supports to ensure good support on the support. TheNestling pastry robotmodel weighing 6.5 kg has 5 non-slip feet to limit the risk of falling during use.


As mentioned earlier, pastry robots can be equipped with several types of motors. So there are belt drive motors, direct drive motors, asynchronous motors, etc. Belt drive engines are the most popular. They are integrated into the entry-level pastry processors. With this type of engine, the risk of loss is quite important. The direct drive motor is located in the arm of the robot. Its effectiveness is indisputable and this translates into a direct sending of power to the various accessories. This type of engine makes as little noise as possible, since the power is often not very high. As for asynchronous motors, they are found in high-end pastry robots. With this type of robot, the rotation speed is done automatically. It is also known to be energy efficient.


Pastry robots are often equipped with glass, plastic or metal bowls. If the plastic bowl has an easier time deforming, be aware that this will not be the case with the stainless steel bowl. If you buy such a device with a plastic bowl, consider using it only for cold rather than hot preparations.

The stainless steel bowl does not have this same problem. TheNestling pastry robotis a perfect example. With a stainless steel bowl, the robot promises indisputable strength and durability. Stainless steel is also much stronger than glass, which is still a better choice compared to plastic.


In general, pastry robots have a power that can oscillate between 300 and 1200 or even 1800 Watts like theHomlee model. For optimal results, better start on a 600 Watt model. From this power, it will be easier for you to mix all your preparations smoothly. If the capacity of a pastry robot depends on its power, know that this criterion is not the only one to consider to define the power of this household appliance. As we said above, the transmission engine that is close to the tools, is more energetic than the belt engine.

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The latter results in power losses, which can play the device during kneading. It is therefore essential to keep an eye on this aspect before you start choosing your pastry robot. It should also be remembered that the power can have an impact on the noise level of the said device.

Based on the various tests carried out, we found that the noise level of this type of culinary equipment is generally more than 80 decibels. Models with acoustics at 70 decibels are less noisy. This is for example theCookmiithat we have selected for our ranking.


We generally find on the market pastry robots with a capacity of 1 to 6 liters. Depending on the capacity chosen, the device will allow you to make a certain amount of pastry. The capacity is given in liters. To know which capacity to choose for your culinary aid, you need to consider the number of people who live in your household. With a bowl of 2 liters, you can for example make 2 kg of dough. The advantage of such a compact size is that it will allow you easy storage as well as considerable space saving.

Opt for a 2-liter bowl if you are alone. For a couple, you can go on a 3 to 4 liter pastry processor. For a family of 5, do not hesitate to invest in a 4-liter model. From 5 liters, know that the device will allow you to prepare a large amount of pasta. TheKenwood Titaniummodel was chosen as the most generous of this comparison with its 7-liter bowl. It is suitable for larger families or professional use.

Range level

For a better purchase of your food processor, it is always important to know what use you want to make of it. If you want to use this device every day, you should set your sights on a mid-range or high-end model because of its great robustness. If you are going to use the robot beater occasionally, consider going on an entry-level device. This type of device will be more than enough for you. Their classic models are usually under 200 euros and meet standard needs such as kneading, beating, emulsifying and whipping.

If they are known for their elegant design, know that their structure is made of plastic, which reduces production costs. The mid-range or high-end models, meanwhile, vary between 200 and 600 euros. You can solicit them for intense use. They are very often made of stainless steel or metal.

The most sophisticated models are equipped with specific options such as the induction hob under the bowl or the LED light. For this range of products, choose theAucma pastry robotwhich is our favorite choice.


The pastry robot is composed of 3 essential accessories: whisk, hook and mixer. The whisk makes it possible to emulsify, make a whipped cream or even raise the whites into snow. The hook ensures the kneading of heavy pasta, to fold them, but also to make them more flexible. The mixer, also called sheet, because of its shape, is perfect for working semi-liquid pasta. In addition to these 3 tools, there is the blender that defines the existence of a pastry robot. It should also be noted that some devices can play the role of blender and chopper such as theKitchen Move model.


A last very important criterion for us is the ease of cleaning the device. You should know that people do not have the same craze when it comes to doing dishes. If you are lazy or procrastinating when it comes to washing kitchen utensils, it is better to choose a robot whose elements are dishwasher compatible. It is true that the trend is towards the design of machine washable accessories, but not all brands are aligned with this trend. However, when a utensil is machine washed each time, there is a good chance that it will wither over time. If you opt for a hand-washable model, prioritize a metal model that does not break, because a fall can occur very quickly.

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How to choose a pastry robot?

As pointed out, we do not throw ourselves headlong into the purchase of a robot mixer. Several reflections must be made upstream before taking the plunge. Choosing the right blender robot takes into account several elements. It is not simply by considering that you will succeed. Capacity is a very important criterion when you want to choose this type of device. Choose a capacity that will suit the number of people living in your home. It is also important to consider dimensions. If your storage space is small, consider choosing a small model and vice versa. As for the material, opt for glass or stainless steel. Plastic models are classified in low-end categories with high risks of deformation.

What is the difference between a pastry robot and a multifunction robot?

The pastry robot is equipment intended to make bread dough, brioche, pie, etc. It also makes it possible to make creams by means of a powerful arm and a whisk very often absent on most household robots. On the other hand, a multifunction robot may be inclined to make pastries and pastries. Its role is to chop, grate, mix that will be used to make your delicious recipes. But, know that there are pastry robots capable of playing these different roles to perfection. In this case, they become indispensable while conventional robots must be forgotten.

Which power to choose?

When choosing your food processor, an important criterion to consider is the power of the device. In particular, it is important to take into account the power of the latter. By choosing a low-power engine, the device will have trouble treating certain preparations such as kneading flour for example. Preferably, it will be necessary to opt for a device with a power of 500 Watts, at the risk of seeing you work by hand, which will certainly make your purchase useless. The devices on our list have a power that varies between 1200 and 1800 Watts, making them products able to meet all your pastry needs.


In short, to choose the best pastry robot, we referred to a number of elements. The analysis of these parameters took us quite a long time and anyone wishing to benefit from a quality device should go through it. But, we always want to make the task easier for our kind readers. That’s why we took care to offer a comparison of the best-rated pastry robots on Amazon. Just take a look at our list, which will allow you to find a product suitable for your needs. You will certainly appreciate the theAucma pastry robot which is super efficient and powerful. If you want a silent device, do not hesitate to choose the theCookmii Silent Pastry Robot. You can also invest in the Kenwood Titanium XLwith a capacity of 7 liters, which is the best choice for a large family.

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