The Best Sausage Pushers: Advanced Meat Machines (Fall 2022)

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Contrary to popular belief, the sausage machine is not only intended for professional use. Yes, it is not only found in butchery. As homemade dishes are always pleasant, it is possible to have them at home. Only, how to choose the best sausage pusher is difficult, given the wide assortment of this type of devices on the market? Our comparison presents the 10 best machines provided for this purpose. Our selection criteria for choosing them are power, capacity, maneuverability, options, material, etc. We also deliver in our dedicated guide, clever ideas to choose a device at your convenience, which respects your budget.

Buying Guide

There are criteria to consider when choosing a sausage machine. If some go headlong, others take the time to choose the ideal product. The sausage pusher is a device for filling pork casings with spicy minced meat. These are ingredients that make sausages. This device is also known as a filling machine, sausage embosser or sausage pusher.


The use of a sausage pusher has many advantages. Compared to the manual model, an electric sausage pusher is used for the manufacture of any type of sausage. Very often made of stainless steel, it can be used over a long-term horizon. As we said above, there are several types of models on the market. To choose a sausage pusher, you must make sure to take into account many criteria. These elements include dimensions, material of manufacture, maneuverability, etc.

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Types of sausage pusher

Two main categories of sausage machine exist on the market. These are the manual model and the electric model. For the former, you will have the option to choose between a vertical model and a vertical model. In general, a manual sausage machine works thanks to a crank like the Master Feng.

Other models work with the help of a pump to obtain sausages of all sizes. In addition, electric filling machines are models that make sausages faster. They are then intended for commercial use. On the other hand, if you do not want to make efforts for your sausages, an electric model is to be prioritized. TheHusupermodel stands out as the best electric sausage pusher of this selection.


Dimensions are an important criterion to consider when you want to buy a sausage pusher.

For portable use, it is better to start on a small model, which will be much easier to carry. Indeed, for commercial use, a large device is more recommended, first for its performance, but also for its high quality. TheAnbullmodel has been selected by our critical experts as the professional choice because of its 5 liter capacity, but also its 5 filling nozzles to vary the sizes according to the needs of the user. Note that large models can also be intended for domestic use.

Toutefois, il convient de préciser que les dimensions de votre poussoir à saucisse seront tributaires de la capacité de l’entonnoir. Si vous faites usage de l’appareil dans votre cuisine pour faire un plat de saucisse de temps en temps, un petit entonnoir comme celui de Outbit. En revanche, pour une boucherie, un modèle grand format sera plus indiqué. On se rappelle du poussoir à saucisse Wiltec qui a une capacité de 7 litres que vous pouvez utiliser dans les 

restaurants à saucisses


 ou pour une grande famille.

Matériau de fabrication et design

Whether you choose an electrical or manual device, it will always be recommended to take a look at the materials that compose it. It is very often according to the materials that we determine if a device is of quality or not. Each person would like to buy a device that can last over time. For this, you need to make sure you opt for a stainless steel model that ensures better durability.

The advantage of stainless steel is that it is perfectly resistant to rust. Its resistance means that it can be used intensively, such as theSucceBuymodel designed in 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel. However, you should avoid choosing a plastic device, because even if it is cheaper, it is short-lived and easily damaged.


Maneuverability is synonymous with ease of use and handling. This is an essential criterion not to be neglected when you want to start choosing a sausage machine. Many brands put devices of all kinds just a click away. But, you need to make sure that the product you set your sights on is handy enough. A sign of maneuverability is the presence of a clear and perfectly explicit notice.

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A step-by-step document on how to use your sausage machine is a great positive. Thus, you will not waste time in the assembly of nozzles and others. This will also allow you to use this kitchen utensil with more safety knowing full well the gestures to avoid when handling it. Then, the sausage pusher must also be easy to disassemble to facilitate its regular cleaning.


Some meat pushers have adjustable screws depending on the height of the support.

This is one of the most fundamental elements to consider when choosing a sausage material that will ensure a user-friendly experience. There is no point in buying a product that does not offer some stability during its use. Just like the Pro Seller, your device must be equipped with a suction cup that will allow it to stay in place on its support.


Light products have the advantage of being handy and easy to transport. Nevertheless, for some products such as the sausage pusher, weight is an important criterion to ensure the good performance of the device. After several tests, we finally concluded that the heavier the pusher, the more stable it is. Normal, since it is difficult to move a heavy object even a few centimeters. So opt for a heavy sausage pusher and you can make sausages in absolute comfort.

Easy storage

When buying a sausage pusher, it is fundamental to ensure that it will be easy to store. The ease of storage is defined according to the shape of your device. So there are horizontal devices and vertical devices. The former is likely to take up more space compared to the latter.

If you have a large storage space, you can always opt for a horizontal machine. Vertical machines, on the other hand, are generally longer, more generous and take up less space. If your storage space is small, you can always bet on the theJasCherrySausage OO3 model.

How to install a sausage pusher?

Setting up a sausage pusher can be quite simple if you follow the right technique. Some have a suction cup and others have fixing screws like the Costway sausage machine. If you opt for a device with a suction cup, you won’t have to do much but put it on the table. The suction cup, after absorbing all the air, attaches naturally to the table for good stability. If the latter is equipped with screws, remember to put it on a work surface, and with the help of a screwdriver, screw it in. This type of pusher is quite stable, but be careful to screw the device well in advance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a sausage pusher?

When we engage in the purchase of a sausage pusher, several choices are offered to us. In addition, once you have made a choice, you also need to know how to use your accessory. The interest of the sausage pusher consists in the transformation of meat into sausage. One can hold between 1.5 and 13 liters depending on the model. Once you have filled the tank, you must also install the hose on the funnel. With a crank, simply turn and your meat will come out through the cannula in a compact, elongated form. It is then at this level that you get sausages. Electric models are even simpler as we have seen previously.

How do I determine the tube size for my device?

The size of the tube for your pusher is decisive in determining sausages according to your preferences. To choose the ideal size for your tubes, you must take into account your needs and the type of sausages to be made. There are, for example, fine sausages, elongated sausages and thick sausages. You will find on the market standard tubes available in 4 diameters: 16, 22, 32 and 38 mm. Manufacturers also offer products that are sometimes larger, sometimes smaller to allow the customer to customize their needs. The tubes can be made of plastic or stainless steel, the latter being the most durable material.

What should you pay attention to before buying a sausage pusher?

To choose a sausage pusher, several elements must be taken into account. As manufacturers keep coming up with new models, the choice can become difficult. That’s why you need to look at some parameters before embarking on such an adventure. Among the key criteria to consider when buying a sausage pusher are the type of device, maneuverability, weight, and dimensions, not to mention the design material. The number of filling nozzles is also an aspect not to be neglected. The higher the number of nozzles, the more the user will have enough to vary the size of his sausages.


Ultimately, it emerges from this article that choosing the best sausage pusher is not an easy thing. For this, you need to take into account aspects like material, shape, type of device, etc. It is these selection criteria that allowed us to offer the different products in this comparison. We combed through them to choose the best ones. If you are interested in our comparison, do not hesitate to choose one of the models there. Choose a device that combines many features, but with a reasonable price like the theCostwaysausage pusher chosen as the best value for money on this list. Opt for our favorite choice, modelBlitzzauber24which has been chosen for its performance and high-quality manufacturing material. If you prefer a large device, do not hesitate to set your sights on the super, with a capacity of 15 liters.

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