The Best Sewing Machines Beginner – Easy to Learn (Fall 2022)

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SINGER | M1500 Sewing Machine With Accessory Kit & Foot Pedal - 57 Stitch Applications - Simple & Great for Beginners

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner, Dual Speed Portable Sewing Machine Machine with Extension Table, Light, Sewing Kit for Household, Travel

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

Brother Sewing Machine, GX37, 37 Built-in Stitches, 6 Included Sewing Feet

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

CraftBud Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners with Sewing Kit, 122 PC Dual Speed Portable Sewing Machine, Travel Small Sewing Machine Kit, Kids Sewing Machine Ages 8-12 with DIY Sewing Book & More

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

SINGER | M1000.662 Sewing Machine - 32 Stitch Applications - Mending Machine - Simple, Portable & Great for Beginners

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

Sewing Machine, Mini Sewing Machine for Beginner with Eco-Friendly Material, Dual Speed Portable Sewing Machine with Extension Table, Light - Easy to Use, Best Gift for Kids and Women, Space Saver

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

The Best of Sewing Machine Fun for Kids: Ready, Set, Sew - 37 Projects & Activities

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

Made By Me My Very Own Sewing Machine - Sewing Machine for Kids – First Sewing Machine for Introduction to Sewing Basics – Arts and Crafts Toy for Kids Ages 8 and Up

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

SINGER | 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Accessory Kit & Foot Pedal - 69 Stitch Applications - Simple & Great For Beginners

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

SINGER | SM024 Sewing Machine With Included Accessory Kit, 24 Stitches, Simple & Great For Beginners

as of 16 July 2024 20h35

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To start in sewing, we propose in this article to discover the best beginner sewing machines. You will be able to take a step in this new sewing experience and improve all your skills in this area. All this while taking the time to learn how to use a sewing machine, select the fabrics and the sewing piece. Then, as you operate the machine, you will begin to take over and become more and more experienced. If this machine is suitable for beginners it will be even easier to learn to sew and as you go. You can patch your clothes, create others, add customizations, make beautiful decorations and associate several pieces with each other such as curtains and a tablecloth for a nice interior.

So, even if you don’t know anything about it, you can get there with a little patience and using one of the 6 beginner sewing machines below. We found theBrother JX17FEto be our favorite, fulfilling all the expected criteria and therefore being perfect for sewing beginners who want to be creative.

Buying Guide

Sewing, even when you are a beginner, may be within your reach. Don’t give up on learning sewing. It will also be of great service to you. And using a sewing machine made for beginners will help you learn to sew, on the one hand, but will allow you to make great projects, meticulously, successfully, creatively and quickly. That’s why investing in a sewing machine can be very useful in your learning to sew. You can make clothes, curtains, bags, tablecloths, patch holes, put buttons, etc. However, there are a multitude of sewing machines out there and not all of them are just for beginners. To help you find one that’s right for you, we’ve put together this buying guide. You will know how to choose by yourself the right sewing machine and you can select it directly from all those offered. You will then know where to look, which points are essential and what you expect from this elbow machine.

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Why do you need a beginner sewing machine?

We know it’s tempting to do your own sewing projects when you see friends or others making their own clothes, or when you see in magazines or on the internet what some people are capable of doing. Patterns of ups or downs can make you want to start sewing, but maybe it worries you not knowing how to use a sewing machine. And yet it is essential, if you want to realize creative and aesthetic projects. It may also be useful and economical for you to buy fabric and make your creations by yourself. Sewing can also save you and avoid throwing away fabrics that you can actually mend or reincorporate elsewhere.

Using a sewing machine is not rocket science and with patience and concentration, you will get there and can make your own pieces. But do not give in to haste and do not buy the first sewing machine come, you could be disappointed and even annoyed to have an object of poor quality or worse, unusable because too complex.You must be wondering what use you are going to use the sewing machine for. The simpler it is, the more it will be for occasional use, hemming, etc. Take the ones with the fewest points and it will break down less often. If you need to achieve many stitches even as a beginner, you will have to make sure to hang a strong and durable sewing machine over time. Take a handy machine, if you need to carry it or if you have little dexterity. Follow our tips below to choose the best sewing machine for beginners.


Features must necessarily be included in good sewing machines for beginners. If you want quality, favor a professional look of the sewing machine, less gadget, and a slightly heavier machine, which will be more problematic if you want to transport it. In addition, you will have to take into account the dimensions of your machine, its weight, its power, the points it contains, and finally, the accessories and its warranty. All these criteria are explained below and are the subject of our buying guide to give you the essential advice.


The sewing machine is by definition not too bulky. But some models are more imposing. However, beginner machines are rarely too big, as they make fewer points and are therefore less versatile. So look especially at the place you can give it on your table, desk or in your workshop, it will guide you regarding the size.

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Above all, if you want to take it with you, take a more compact format, lighter, but at the risk of having a reduced quality and versatility.


Sewing machines are not too heavy in general. Be aware that light and small models have lighter and less robust materials. This can damage the quality of your sewing machine. In addition, heavier machines are more qualitative but less practical to transport. You must then know for what type of use you will buy this machine to gain a suitable weight and according to the quality of the machine you want. Indeed, theSinger Decorative Sewing Machineis still about 9 kilograms, while others are around 5 kilograms.


La puissance est un élément essentiel pour votre machine à coudre. Une bonne machine de ce nom aura une puissance de l’ordre des 60 Watts environ. De plus, les machines à coudre performantes auront entre 800 et 1000 tours par minute, ce qui est bien pour les tissus épais, multiples, ou même denses.


Pour débuter, très peu de points sont à connaître et seuls quelques points essentiels devront être appris. Cela est donc facile d’apprendre à coudre et de connaître les points de base. La machine à coudre doit obligatoirement comporter d’un point avant, d’un point arrière, et d’un point zigzag.

En plus, elle devra être aussi équipée d’une boutonnière automatique ou presque. En effet, seuls ses points sont essentiels lorsqu’on apprend à coudre.Si votre ambition est de coudre d’autres projets et de faire des créations originales, vous pouvez prendre des modèles plus complexes, Singer Decorative Machine à Coudre par exemple, mais au risque de vous faire peur en essayant d’utiliser la machine et de la faire tomber en panne en changeant souvent de points. Les points décoratifs ne sont pas essentiels.


Si la machine possède un bras libre, c’est un plus pour les ourlets par exemple. Un autre accessoire très utile pour simplifier votre couture est l’éclairage. En effet, même avec de bonnes lunettes, vous pouvez être embêté par la faible lumière d’une pièce et ce serait très embêtant d’essayer de tenir une lampe poche d’un côté et de coudre de l’autre, et très fatigant. Alors, pour ne pas laissez tomber, choisissez une machine avec une petite lampe LED intégrée, comme par Machine à coudre Megle-505A. Par ailleurs, pour les débutants, la tension du fil automatique est presque indispensable et vous enlèvera une grande épine du doigt.

D’autres accessoires concernant la prise en main, la robustesse, et le plan de travail vous seront aussi utiles.


The warranty can save you if you have a problem with your machine that is not your fault. Indeed, some warranties cover defects that your machine may have after several uses or as soon as you start using it. Some warranties last several years, which can be interesting especially if you have put a certain catch in the device. By looking carefully at the conditions of this warranty, also observe its duration. Finally, keep the invoice or the box of the machine if necessary and you can use this proof to get a refund or to have a repair or parts taken care of.

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Research (FAQ)

How to choose a sewing machine for small projects?

For small projects, the best sewing machines are the simplest. No need for multiple unnecessary accessories, incredible power or exceptional design. Everything must reside in the needle, the thread, and the point. Take a machine with few points but including the points you need, with speed settings, wire tension and a light to see clearly. If it is stable, handy and robust, it will be a plus, but it is not essential for small projects. The price may be more attractive for this type of use.

How to clean a sewing machine?

The maintenance of a sewing machine is very serious and should not fall by the wayside. A good longevity of your machine depends on its maintenance. This is essential to keep it as long as possible. You have to take care of it when you use it and you have to protect it when you don’t use it. Follow the instructions for cleaning. Also, change the needles before they are too old. After use, store your sewing machine in a protective cover, bag or box. It will not gather dust and will not be damaged. Also make revisions if this is written in the warranty of your machine. Some people keep their sewing machine in superb condition for decades.

Where to put a sewing machine?

Your sewing machine will be fine where you can use it. Plan a suitable worktop, quite spacious, clean, tidy and where you can sit comfortably so as not to break your back. Take the time to set up all the accessories, fabrics, needles and threads you will need so you don’t get up over and over again. Then, after each use, you can leave the machine if you do not need the worktop by covering it with a cover preferably, after unplugging it. Otherwise, always protect it, you can store it in a closet, or in a cabinet. That’s why the dimensions of your machine are important if you don’t have large storage spaces at home.

The conclusion

Sewing is therefore not reserved only for experts in the field. And using a sewing machine is also possible for beginners, and is even recommended to facilitate sewing work. Your seams will be straighter, successful even in detail. You will be able to make many stitches and quickly, thanks to preset parameters, and you will be able to control the speed of the seam. Our brother JX17FECoup de Coeur meets all the criteria to sew well even as a beginner. Note High-end ChoiceBernette Sew & Go 8 Sewing machine with pedal allows to achieve many stitches and finish with an advanced level of skill by being able to keep the machine in good shape for a very long time. Finally, our Best Value for money KPCB Tech Sewing Machine for Beginners will be perfect for less ambitious projects and to learn to sew easily and quickly without wasting a minute in an endless manual. You are bound to find your best beginner sewing machine among our 6 products presented here.

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