The Best Shower Columns: Choose HQ Columns (Fall 2022)

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The shower column is a very practical plumbing equipment, designed for the bathroom and used for washing. Generally, they consist of a fixed shower and a flexible shower head It is very easy to install and the vast majority of models are durable.

However, choosing the best shower column is not easy. In order not to get lost with the plurality of models offered, criteria such as material, types of shower columns, weight, assembly, accessories, features and maintenance will help you make a good choice. In addition, the opinions and comments of some online customers will also reassure you about the quality of the products.

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Buying Guide

The shower column is an equipment that has limited use, because it is used daily to take a bath. That being said, manufacturers, in order to better satisfy the public, are constantly innovating by regularly offering such special models. In this trend, it is easy for customers to get lost in their choice. But, to get an article adapted to your needs, it is important to follow a number of criteria that inform you about the quality of the product as well as the different assets it offers. In this comparative guide, we present the most sought-after products on the market today.


Most shower columns offer incredible shower pleasure. Hydro-massage models relieve you throughout your bath. They allow you to relax the neck muscles thanks to precise water jets after a hard day. In addition, they completely relax your body via arch massages. They are also effective in soothing lower back pain and any other muscle contractions.

In general, thermostatic shower columns offer exceptional comfort of use. You have the choice between a cold shower or a hot shower. Thanks to the mixer, you have the possibility to predefine the temperature that suits you, which will remain constant, regardless of the flow. The safety lock protects you from any risk of burns and also, it is very convenient. Over the past decade, LED shower columns have won the market. They ensure you colorful baths without electrical energy: it is chromotherapy.

Indeed, to choose a quality shower column adapted to your needs, it is important to take into account criteria such as: the design material of the product, its mounting system, its weight, its functionalities, the quality of its accessories and its maintenance system. In the rest of our guide, we give you more elements of explanation on these criteria so that you can get a good shower column.

Different types of shower columns

The traditional shower column: it is doubly advantageous in that it is both a cheaper equipment but also a practical and easy to install product;

The hydromassage shower column: in addition to the relaxing bath it offers, you also benefit from various therapeutic massages according to your needs;

The thermostatic shower column like theHansgrohe model Showerpipe Crometta S 240 shower column: it is a hybrid model that combines the potentialities of a traditional shower column and a hydromassage shower column;

The chromotherapy shower column: it makes you live exceptional moments during your baths. This model of shower column combines the benefits of water with those of light, allowing you to fill up with batteries and relax as efficiently as when you are in a spa;

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The built-in shower column: it comes in several shapes and models. In addition, they are accessible at relatively low prices.

The material

Several materials are used in the design of a shower column. But, metal is very often recommended because of its perfect toughness. High-end models are regularly made with stainless steel or aluminum. For a particular design, shower columns made of wood or glass are ideal. In addition, the mix of materials is also interesting for ABS plastic showers, stainless steel bars or brass hoses.

Accessories and features

To fully enjoy your equipment on a daily basis and over time, you must ensure that the accessories provided when buying a shower column are of good quality. It should also be noted that depending on the models, the kits are different.

Ease of installation

In general, installing a shower column is a relatively basic exercise. Just follow the instructions in the assembly guide and voila.

The shower head

It must be wide enough for a complete water supply over your entire body in a consistent way, like theHOMELODY Thermostatic Shower Column model. We recommend that you opt for a shower column with a head that allows you to adjust the flow of water by making you enjoy a fortifying bath or a rain effect.

The fastening system

It is important that your shower column has a height-adjustable mounting mode. This is to make the whole family enjoy the benefits of a softening bath.

The anti-limescale system

It is essential for a quick and regular cleaning of your equipment. It often presents itself as a scale collector that simply needs to be emptied from time to time so that your shower column is always usable and in perfect condition. TheElbe®Shower Columnmodel perfectly illustrates this aspect.


What is a shower column set made of?

A shower column in general consists of:

A shower column body that has a water separator, a head and a main body usually made of brass;

An upper shower is an indispensable accessory in the device. Generally, its diameter varies between 200 and 250 mm;

A shower tube which is a solid hose connecting the overhead shower and the faucet;

A shower hose that connects the shower head and the faucet;

A shower rod that is a junction of the body of the shower column that combines the overhead shower and the hand shower;

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Hand shower for precise and practical rinsing for adults as well as children;

Lower faucet very often used to wash underwear or towels.

The important criteria for choosing a shower column.

The criteria to consider when buying your shower column depend on your expectations in terms of comfort, the dimensions of your bathroom and your size. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the height of the shower bar or that of the wall panel. Then the peculiarities of the overhead shower as well as those of the shower must also be observed. Like the volume of jets and their mode of variation, the size, the design material and the pressure generated. Finally, it is necessary to check the additional functionalities. Design is also a non-negligible detail in the harmony of your bathroom.

What are the advantages of the shower column with a mixer?

The use of a thermostatic shower column offers several advantages. In particular, the ability to control the temperature freely and completely and precisely according to your needs. In addition, a thermostatic shower column keeps the water at a permanent and homogeneous temperature, regardless of the flow of the water. In addition, security is guaranteed. Indeed, it is a model that has a temperature-locking device set by a safety stop usually set at 38 ° C for the most part, to avoid cases of burns. Very often, it is designed with brass or chromium, which guarantees toughness against impurities and obvious durability.


The authenticity of a shower column is determined by the material and functional assets it has. This comparative guide allows us to highlight certain products, sorted on the basis of their effectiveness and their sides on the market today. In general, we found that depending on the models proposed, advantages differ. As a result, we have provided you with elements that will help you choose the best shower column, namely the design material of the product, its mounting system, its weight, its features, the quality of its accessories and its maintenance system. In order to clarify these details in a practical way, you can observe the best-rated products of our comparative guide that have similar features such as the oceanic model which is the best of our selection, theHOMELODYwhich has quality accessories or the theCECIPAwhich is a durable and secure product.

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