The Best Solar Pool Heaters – Easy to Use and Practical (Fall 2022)

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Solar Sun Rings UV Resistant Above Ground Inground Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Heating Accessory Circular Heater Solar Cover, Blue

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Smart Pool S601 Inground Pool Solar Heating System, Includes Two 2’ x 20’ Panels (80 sq. ft.) – Made of Durable Polypropylene, Raises Temperature Up to 15°F – S601P, Pack of 1, Black

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Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool, 47.25 in X 47.25 in

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GoFloats Inflatable Solar Pool Heaters for Affordable Pool Heating and Insulation - 3 Pack

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GAME 72000-BB, Made for Intex & Bestway SolarPRO Curve Solar Above-Ground Pool Heater

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SunHeater S120U Universal Solar Pool Heater 2 by 20-Feet, Black

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Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot Round Solar Cover | 800 Series Style | Heat Retaining Blanket for In-Ground and Above-Ground Round Swimming Pools | Use Sun to Heat Pool Water | Bubble-Side Facing Down in Pool

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Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover | 1200 Series | Heat Retaining Blanket for In-Ground and Above-Ground Rectangular Swimming Pools | Use Sun to Heat Pool | Bubble-Side Down

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Kokido Keops Solar Dome Above Ground Swimming Pool Water Heater | K835CBX/RV

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VEVOR Solar Dome Heater, for Inground/Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Dome, Outdoors Pool Dome, Single Unit Solar Water Heater, Heats Pools up to 2641 Gallons Solar Powered Dome Black Heater Contour

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Innovation now has no limits with the best solar pool heating you can afford. Most pool owners face two problems. First, due to cold weather during the off-season and winter, it is underutilized. Secondly, its maintenance cost is high. This is especially true if you want to warm it up. In this case, how to heat the pool cheaply? From this point of view, the interest in pool heaters using solar energy is enormous. To explore several solar pool heating options, please read this guide in detail.

We have studied 5 ground pool solar heating and intex solar pool heating products so that you can take the best solar pool heating. And it is the Vidal Solar Pool Heating that wins the palm because it is our favorite. Innovative, in HDPE + aluminum and for large pools of 16800 L, it also has aluminum feet and guarantees a particularly pleasant heating to enjoy your pool for a long time.

In this buying guide, you will find the description of each product in a table and in a detailed analysis of each solar heating. Then you will see the important characteristics of each index or above-ground heaters such as dimensions, material, pipe length, and fitting diameter. This brings you all the essential key points to make the right purchase, especially thanks to the buying guide that contains an FAQ. We wish you a good reading and a good purchase.

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Buying Guide

Did you know that the ideal temperature for swimming in your pool is between 26 degrees and 29 degrees? For this, you need to turn to pool heating solutions if you lack sunshine. From this we can say that, firstly, it makes sense to install solar heating systems for swimming pools, to take better advantage of them. Second, it is economical. Thirdly, it’s ecological! With solar heating, we will benefit from free and inexhaustible energy. Why look elsewhere? It should be added that no matter where you are in France, solar energy will be effective from late spring to early fall… Enough to swim 6 months in the year.

Why do you need solar pool heating?

Thanks to solar heating, you can save on electricity bills and a


keeps part of the heating done through solar energy. In addition, you can use the pool all year round. Therefore, the pool is more “profitable”. The choice of solar energy can be used for heating at a lower cost. It is environmentally friendly because the pool water is heated with solar energy. Indeed, during its operation, no greenhouse gases or hazardous waste are released into the air. By choosing solar energy, you avoid the use of fossil fuels, which is a great way to prevent global warming of our planet. Because the use of conventional pool heating has a great impact on the economy and ecology. Indeed, these pool heaters work thanks to an electrical resistance provided by the network. It is controlled by a thermostat, just like a traditional electric heater.

By using only solar radiation, you can enjoy a pool longer. You should know that the operation of the solar pool heater is very simple. The water passing through the filtration loop is transferred to the solar heating system. Due to the use of solar collectors in the pool, the water is filtered and then heated. Then, the water is conveyed to the pool itself. In addition, the water can be heated by other means, for example by placing a solar dome or solar mat in front of the pool. It passes through the pipe system, is warmed up, and then returns to the pool. For example, it’s a great way to heat an above-ground pool. Intex or above-ground solar pool heaters are practical and easy to use.


Thanks to our buying guide, you will understand the advantages of each pool heater. For this, you must take into account the dimensions of your object, its materials, the length of the pipe, the diameter of the fittings and the maximum outlet for the pool heater. Do not panic, we explain each feature and its purpose so that you are independent in your choice of object.

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In this article, size is one of the selection parameters and we provide you with suggestions. It is important to take this criterion into consideration because it determines where the sensor can be placed. This size is changed from one type of heating to another.

Ideally, the surface area of the panel model should be at least 40% of the size of the pool.

If your pool is small or above ground, you can use solar mats of all sizes. For spherical equipment, please note that each component heats approximately 15 cubic meters of water. Make sure the size of the sensor matches the amount of water to be heated. A large pool contains more water and therefore consumes more. Place and orient the solar collectors methodically so that they are exposed to the sun for as long as possible. TheVidaXLdome is only 75 cm long and 75 cm wide. Thanks to its size, you can easily find where to place it without disturbing everything. In addition, it weighs only 2 kg, which allows you to move it easily.


In general, solar heating can increase the temperature of the pool by about 5°C. However, this figure may vary depending on the range of the device and the technology used. It all depends on the temperature you want.

First look at its design and the materials used. Some will offer better strength and longer service life than others.

Similarly, solar heaters produced by recognized manufacturers in the field are preferred. Indeed, these manufacturers have excellent expertise in this field and are therefore best placed to provide you with quality products. Finally, do not hesitate to read the test and collect customer reviews.

Longueur du tuyau

Plus votre objet a un long tuyau et est placé proche de la piscine, moins vous aurez de souci et de bricolage à faire pour le raccorder. Pour connecter le circuit d’eau, connectez d’abord le tube filtrant à l’entrée d’eau de l’appareil. Après cela, connectez le tuyau de retour à la sortie du chauffe-eau. Après avoir effectué ces connexions, mettez la pompe de circulation en marche. Cela vous permettra d’évaluer la pression de l’eau. Après cela, vous déterminerez également si la connexion que vous venez d’établir est étanche.

Diamètre des raccords

Il est aisé de voir que plus le diamètre des raccords est élevé, plus votre appareil sera efficace et enverra de l’eau réchauffé rapidement. Vérifiez alors en même temps le débit d’eau qui devrait se situer entre 42 et 80 gallons par minute.

La recherche (FAQ)

Comment brancher un chauffage solaire pour piscine?

Le chauffage solaire est une solution économique et écologique pour tous. Pour que les composants fonctionnent correctement, vous aurez besoin d’un filtre pour collecter la poussière et d’une pompe. La pompe fait circuler l’eau de la piscine à travers le filtre et le capteur solaire pour la chauffer. Dans la plupart des cas, le radiateur est vendu sous forme de kit complet, sinon veuillez envisager de l’acheter chez un revendeur agréé.

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Plusieurs étapes peuvent être utilisées pour simplifier l’assemblage de l’appareil. La première consiste à connecter les différents composants utilisés pour assembler les panneaux solaires. Une fois installé, passez par le tuyau de raccordement à la jonction du capteur solaire et de la piscine. Le tuyau est utilisé pour reconnecter le panneau du filtre et faire circuler l’eau froide vers le capteur. Le second est utilisé pour retourner l’eau chaude et passer par la buse de sortie de la piscine.

Comment chauffer l’eau de la piscine rapidement?

Afin de maximiser l’utilisation du chauffage solaire des piscines, certaines règles de base doivent être suivies. Assurez-vous que la taille du capteur correspond à la quantité d’eau à chauffer. Une grande piscine contient plus d’eau et consomme donc plus. Placez et orientez les capteurs solaires de manière méthodique afin qu’ils ne soient pas exposés au soleil le plus longtemps possible.

Une surface suffisamment grande et plane convient pour l’installation d’équipements de chauffage solaire de piscine. S’ils sont placés près de la piscine, les travaux de bricolage seront plutôt réduits. Vous bénéficierez de moins de perte de chaleur et de moins de gaspillage d’énergie. Pour les piscines souterraines, des travaux supplémentaires devront être effectués, il faudra donc trouver des professionnels.

How to clean solar heating for swimming pool?

Cleaning your solar heating is rather simple. Simply wipe with a soft cloth or sponge on the surface. If necessary, soap can be used, provided it is rinsed. However, do not use high-pressure equipment, corrosive detergents, solvents or sponges, otherwise the panel may be damaged. You will need to change the filter regularly. That is the first thing to do.

Next, you will install a “bypass” valve to prevent water from entering the solar collector. Turn it off when you don’t need to heat the pool. Especially, during the holidays, do not forget to activate this device at night to avoid heat loss when the pool is not in use.

The conclusion

In sunny areas, solar heating of above-ground pools is a very effective method. It allows you to use free renewable energy to heat your above-ground pool: the sun. We believe that this heating method is the most suitable for your above-ground pool. Thanks to this guide, we have found the 5 best products with reliable materials, practical fittings, ideal dimensions and sufficiently long pipes, for an excellent experience in your pool (such aswell2wellness Oktagon Solar Pool HeaterorINTEX Solar Water Heater for Pool). Then, we chose the best solar pool heater, the Vidal. This one has a good price, heats rather large pools and takes up little space. Aesthetic and efficient, you will be delighted to own it. Solar heating systems are rather cheap and very efficient. They easily adapt to inflatable pools and are also suitable for all types of above-ground pools so long swims are guaranteed.

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